Honor Roll

Scott M. Greenly

More than 2000 people, mostly law enforcement attended the service for Scott on Tuesday January 13, 1998 at the First Baptist Church in San Jose. The two-hour service was conducted by the CHP Chaplain, Karl Hansen.

Scott’s motor squad lead the procession to the service as hundreds of fellow motorcycle officers followed. All along the route it seemed as if the world stopped for a moment. People stood on the sidewalk in silence and watched the motorcade pass.

Scott’s beloved CHP motorcycle was set up in the lobby along with pictures and plaques commemorating him.

The commissioner of the CHP, Spike Helmick said: “Scott was a young officer, and he was well aware of the dangers. He knew he was making a difference and would not have changed a thing.”

Captain Follett, who supervised Scott for most of his career said: “When Scott was on his motorcycle his smile was almost electric, in fact I imagine he is now riding safely in heaven providing ‘Safety and Service’ to others.” “Being a typical suspicious cop, I wondered what he was up to with his wonderful smile. It did not take me long to realize that he shared his wonderful smile and kind heart with everyone he met.” “He was the heart and soul of generosity.”

“Although it was obvious to all of us who knew him, Scott’s family recently told me that Scott was a truly good young man who loved helping others, loved being a cop and loved being a member of the California Highway Patrol.” “I ask all of you today during this difficult time to remember Scott’s wonderful smile, his kind heart, his love of the job, his generosity, his love of helping others and his professionalism.” “Scott, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace and ride safely, our dear friend. We love you and we miss you.”

Amy Tritenbach, one Scott’s closest friends on the squad gave his eulogy, ” He told me there was nothing like riding a bike on a clear blue day and feeling the wind hit your face. I could sit here for days and recount stories of things we did or conversations we had but that would not be sufficient and would only serve to postpone the inevitable. And the inevitable is that I have to say good-bye to my friend and confidant. Scott, you were the best friend I have ever had and I will miss you everyday of my life. I am grateful for our time together and I will remember everything you told me. You will always be my 10-36 partner. May you rest in peace and I love you.”

Some of Scott’s favorite music filled the church, and Karl Hansen introduced Scott’s fiancée, Christine Nielsen. Together they stood at the casket and shared one last song, ‘If I had only known’ by Reba McIntyre.

At the cemetery family members laid yellow roses on the casket and everyone stood in silence as three CHP helicopters flew overhead in the “Missing Man” formation as they said a final roll call.

Christine Nielsen, Scott’s fiancée said ” I know Scott was happy, he loved his job, his family and me. It is one thing for me to say that Scott was happy with his life but I know Scott knew what he had and knew what a truly blessed life he was living. That is a realization that many people never have.”

Scott is survived by his parents Phyllis and Ronald Bell, Sister, Denyse Herzberg, nephews Andrew and Paul Herzberg of Oregon, Brother Mark Greenly, sisters Karen Greenly and Cassandra Bell, grandmother Katherine Sligar, and Fiancée, Christine Nielsen.

January 7, 1998 – At approximately 1700 hours, San Jose unit 24-88, Officer Scott M. Greenly, 31, #14325, made an enforcement stop on a 1988 Ford P/U for following too closely, northbound SR 85 south of Saratoga avenue.

Officer Greenly made a right side approach, and while he was conversing with the violator, he was struck by a vehicle approaching from behind at an unknown speed. The errant vehicle had driven off the roadway onto the raised freeway embankment, passing the patrol car and striking the officer.

The errant vehicle had been observed by citizens speeding and weaving prior to running off the roadway. The driver and vehicle traveled approximately 200 feet before colliding with the r/r fender of the violator’s vehicle and the officer.

Officer Greenly sustained extensive injuries as a result of the impact. Officer Greenly was transported to Valley Medical Center, where he died from his injuries at 6:33 pm.

The driver was charged with 2nd degree murder on February 25, 1998. The case finally went to trial in April 2000. It lasted 3 1/2 weeks and after less than 8 hours of deliberation a 2nd degree murder conviction was returned. The sentence handed down on August 31, 2000 was 15 years to life. With credit for time served he will be eligible for parole in about 10 years.

The following poem was written for Officer Scott Greenly
by friend Officer Amy Tritenbach

Officer Down

They pinned his badge
on his chest
Forever to stay with him
as he’s laid to rest
Enforcement, Safety and
Service too,
That’s what it means to wear
the tan, gold and blue
Officer down, Officer down
someone did shout
Everyone came running when
the ultimate call came out
He did everything right, he
showed no fear
Now his family and friends
will shed a tear
Never was this suppose to
happen to him
An Officer is dead, it is
the ultimate sin
Everyone should bow
their heads
a protector of our world
is dead

Tributes in honor of Officer Scott M. Greenly

  • Scott was a friend from high school

    I wasn’t in his close circle of friends, but we worked out in gym class. He was a good person and a reliable man of character. Just tragic this happened to Scott but he loved being a cop and went away doing was he was purposed for. A heroic First Responder.