Who We Are

The CPOMF’s Board of Directors is composed of active and retired peace officers from across California, representing all ranks of law enforcement, all appointed by their respective associations. Our Special Advisory Committee includes law enforcement personnel, survivors and other individuals fully dedicated to the CPOMF mission. We are proud and fortunate that all directors, advisors and our Executive Director volunteer 100% of their time and resources.

CPOMF Board of Directors, Advisors and Staff

Executive Officers

Vice President

Michael Metoyer 

Huntington Beach Police Officers Association


Tammy Monego 

California Highway Patrol (Retired) & Surviving Spouse 1998


Joe Perez 

Fraternal Order of Police


Advisory Committee


Jamie Caldwell

Glendora Police Department

Cary Fletcher

RaSport, Inc.

Michelle Gray

Surviving Spouse 2004

Bob Guinan

San Francisco Police Department (Retired)

Captain Doug Lyons

CHP Capitol Protection

Stephanie Miller

Concerns of Police Survivors – NorCal Chapter

Art Reddy

Fraternal Order of Police

Russell L. Richeda

Saltzman & Johnson Law Corporation


Executive Director

Wayne J. Quint, Jr. 

Deputy Director

Michelle Mendoza 

Program Coordinator

Dana Perryman

Executive Director Emeritus

Executive Director Emeritus

Albert E. Le Bas


Original CPOMF Commissioner

Arthur C. Brown

Original CPOMF Commissioner

Richard Moore