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  • Officer Stephan G. Gray

    My friend

    In Honor of Officer Stephan G. Gray

    I can’t even begin to comment me and Stephan go back to Walmart working under cover his wonderful wife which I can’t believe she would remember me and his beautiful children. It’s taken me many years to write here. But I miss you man I’m proud of you and everything you are and stood for! I’ll see you my friend on the other side my son joined you last year he lost his battle finally but I hope to see you both again when my time comes. RIP my friend!

  • Deputy Larry D. Griffith

    In Honor of Deputy Larry D. Griffith

    I was a dispatcher for LCSO when this happened. It changed my life. Larry was so distinctive, his was the first call sign I remembered, "Dispatch, 1 2 2, with his unique Texas drawl. I have a charicature drawing of Larry from Deputy Mark Paul on my nightstand to this day. Larry, I remember how much you loved your wife and kids how brave and selfless you were, and I'm sure still are. Never forget!!

  • Deputy Sandra L. Larson

    larson marine

    In Honor of Deputy Sandra L. Larson

    we will miss you this summer on delta I wish the best for family.

  • Deputy David E. Andrews

    In Honor of Deputy David E. Andrews

    Didn't get a chance to know you Unk.
    I was 1 year old when your life was cut so soon.
    Heard wonderful stories of you💙.
    Continue to r.i.p.💙🙏⚘

  • Officer Nicholas P. Cecchetti

    You are missed

    In Honor of Officer Nicholas P. Cecchetti

    I think about you a lot and the fun times we had as kids. It seems like yesterday we where at your house and had to be quiet because your dad was sleeping. Our mom's smoking and drinking coffee. Or on picnic with the whole family. Please give all a hug from me to you and all the family.

  • Officer Benjamin W. Worcester


    In Honor of Officer Benjamin W. Worcester

    Not a day goes by that i dont miss you at least a dozen times!

  • Officer William C. Whitty

    Family Member

    In Honor of Officer William C. Whitty

    Remembering my stepfather, William C. Whitty, today and everyday....

    Dear Dad,

    Another year is behind us now and not a day goes by that I don't think of you each and every day. You were always there for our family day in and day out. We will never forget that. You are missed more than words could ever express.

    We love you....

  • Officer Jeffrey L. Azuar

    In Honor of Officer Jeffrey L. Azuar

    Jeff, you served & protected the City of Vallejo and her residents with pride, excellence and dedication, always putting your fellow man first. You loved life, living it to the fullest with your family and friends. I will always treasure and hold close to heart my memories of a very special man who left us all too soon. You will remain forever within my soul.

  • family friend

    In Honor of Sergeant Roy J. Starbeck

    Our families were very close friends. thank you for Honoring my Uncle Roy. I will pay a visit to this memorial, I live in Sacramento, and hopefully be allowed to get a rubbing to send to his daughter Trudi.

  • Special Agent William R. Bolt

    Bolt family

    In Honor of Special Agent William R. Bolt

    I am currently driving hwy 37 as part of my duties hauling frieght in the early hours of each day of each week. It can be a challenging task as head lights shine in your eyes from opposite traffic. I thank God for having the dividing wall barrier built. I think of officer Bolt and his surviving family every time i work it. my gift is a token of love , respect and kind regards to a good man doing his job. God Bless......