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  • Officer James L. Guelff

    Thank you for service.

    In Honor of Officer James L. Guelff

    Thank you for your work and your sacrifice. Your EOW was at the beginning of my career. I went to your service and held on to your funeral program until today, my retirement day. You are not forgotten!
    Lt. Warren Barry

  • Detective Arleigh E. McCree

    In Honor of Detective Arleigh E. McCree

    Arleigh McCree was my dad's first cousin and I recall trips to Kentucky to visit with the family.

  • Officer Jerry L. Hartless


    In Honor of Officer Jerry L. Hartless

    Good job marine, you served America well!

  • Sheriff George W. Kemp

    In Honor of Sheriff George W. Kemp

    He was my great great granddad, my dads grandmother, and my great grandmother “granny” Agnes was his daughter, fondly remember her and her old Desoto car, taking trips to watch the trains, I think I was four 😊 ,and I remember “ uncle Lloyd” her brother, my Uncle Tom told me the story of how my great great grandad died, look for you in the new system!

  • Grandson

    In Honor of Special Officer Charles A. Williams

    During the short time you were alive during my dad's life, you left him with the can do attitude that runs through our family. I have your Detective Certificate issued by the City of Sacramento dated March 15, 1887. Two of his children, Raymond Alfred Williams, my dad, and Sidney Blair Williams ended up in the printing and newspaper business. From my dad, there were three children, Raymond Alfred Williams, Jr., Marsha Carlene Williams Steward, had two son Tod and Sid and me, Harry Gale Williams. I have two children, a son Blair Louis Williams and a daughter, Tiffany Joanne Williams Garcia. Blair has one daughter, Jadyn Blair Williams, and four step-children, Alex Ellison, Cassie Helsel, Even Helsel, Shelby Henneberger, all of whom he raised and they are really more like children than step-children.

    Ray had four children, Ray, III, Jamie B. Williams, Kathleen Alice Williams, Robert Edgar Williams. Jamie has two children, Allison and Elliott and two grand children, Kathy has one son, Ryan who has two children and Robert has two.

    My uncle Sid had a son Sidney Blair Williams, Jr., who had a son Sidney Blair Williams, III. Sid, III and I are very close and we also live fairly close to each other, he in Rancho Murieta and me in Orangevale, CA. Sid has two daughtes, Betsy and Leah.

  • Officer William C. Whitty


    In Honor of Officer William C. Whitty

    Mr. Bill as we called him growing up, you were the best always making us laugh and teaching us something new. You passed the day before my 10 birthday, from that point on and 36 years later, I take a moment to wish you hello. Fly high with your wings MR.Bill

  • Officer Daniel C. Kelley

    Chief of police city of bell Retired

    In Honor of Officer Daniel C. Kelley

    Maywood was our border city and all of our officers were like brothers and sisters and total family Danny was a great police officer was a pleasure to have known and worked with on mutual aid calls may you rest in heaven for eternity my brother in blue

  • Officer Gary A. Nelson

    Gary Nelson

    In Honor of Officer Gary A. Nelson

    I was very upset when I heard the news on the radio the Saturday morning. He was a friend I'd met while I was working & dating someone in the department. He was a hard working individual, an asset to the department. He was a very kind & sincere man. I sorely miss you still after so many years Gary!

  • Sgergeant Timothy D. White

    In Honor of Sgergeant Timothy D. White

    Thank you Mr White, all the people that you helped and all the people that just met you under this horrid news Salute you with love. You were and always be a hero and a victim of circumstances that must be recognized as an act of evil. Very sorry to all your family

  • Officer Warren G. Chamberlain

    Christmas Day 1941

    In Honor of Officer Warren G. Chamberlain

    It was his day off, but because of Pearl Harbor, he was called to duty. He died in an on-duty motorcycle accident on Christmas Day, leaving a 21 month old daughter (me) and his pregnant wife. His son was born three months later. I wish I had known him longer!