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  • Officer John R. Hissong II

    A Great Friend

    In Honor of Officer John R. Hissong II

    I attended the Butte Police Academy in 1979 with John. He was a great friend, had a powerful personality, and was extremely knowledgeable. It was just a very short time after our graduation that I received notice of his death. I was one of the many uniformed officers that attended his funeral services and was overwhelmed by the support from other agencies and officers. I think of John frequently and remember his friendship. He is still deeply missed.

  • Constable William E. Kelley


    In Honor of Constable William E. Kelley

    This was my grandfather, may he rest in peace. I am one of the 3 son's and 1 daughter of Raymond A. Kelley, 1 son of Constable William E. Kelley.

  • Deputy Eric A. Thach

    I miss you

    In Honor of Deputy Eric A. Thach

    Working with you at Southwest Detention Center showed me truly nice people exist in our career field. You lived by example, you were a force of good. Life seemed brighter when you were nearby, radiant, always smiling and laughing, your positivity was contagious.

    I will never forget hearing how you showed up at a coworkers house when you heard he was moving. He never asked for help, you showed up because you had a pick up truck and recognized someone in need, you over heard he was moving, so you helped.

    I miss you Eric, I miss that toothy grin and how you made our lives that much better while we worked in a dark and depressing place. Your presence made good men, better.

    I miss you.

  • Officer David G. Guider


    In Honor of Officer David G. Guider

    Dave was a "cop's cop", a good guy and friend to all.
    He was on my watch (shift), that night at "line up", when Captain Ford told us the regular helicopter observer was off sick, and did anyone want to volunteer? My hand shot up, as did Dave's and another officer's (can't remember name).

    I was very disappointed I didn't get chosen, but happy for Dave. He was clearly pleased.

    Dispatch put out the report of the crash, we were all just shocked. I remember the anger at the prospect of a sniper, and then the sadness that just hits you in the gut at such a horrific and tragic loss.

    God bless you Dave.

  • Detective Charles Douglas "Doug" Jacobs III

    Wonderful Daughter

    In Honor of Detective Charles Douglas "Doug" Jacobs III

    Thank you for your service , and what a horrible incident took you away . You have an amazing daughter that honors you daily. She and your family have never forgotten.

  • Gone but not forgotten

    In Honor of Officer Bernard M. Bennett

    A kind and thoughtful man who took time to make the kids laugh and who had a smile who caused others to smile and not know why. He touched many lives and was liked by so many. I'm sure he is keeping the angels smiling as well.

  • Officer Lesley Zerebny

    Taken Way Too Soon

    In Honor of Officer Lesley Zerebny

    Horrible event for both of the officers. One just starting her career and the other wrapping up a long and dedicated career. Both taken during one of the must deadliest types of calls for a Police Officer. Thank you for your service and may God Bless you both.
    Steven H. Captain, U.S.A.F. Retired, Disabled

  • In Honor of Officer George R. Colvin

    80 years ago today, our family lost a hero...
    RIP Grandpa George. So, sorry we never got to meet. We thank you for serving and protecting the streets of Los Angeles.

  • Officer Gary K. McDonald


    In Honor of Officer Gary K. McDonald

    Gary, I think of you and miss you every day. I just spoke with your son, Bryan. He misses you even though he never got to meet you. He wonders how his life would have changed if you were alive and around to guide him. He has spoken to several LAPD officers that were witness to your courage and bravery. You laid down your life for another LAPD officer. "That's what you do." I hope you are guiding and loving my son, Nathon up in heaven, and watching out for my son, Dustin who is a sergeant on the Pasadena police department. I love you Gary, I hope I will see you soon.

  • Officer Artie J. Hubbard

    In Honor of Officer Artie J. Hubbard

    I saw Officer Hubbard's name coming north today on I-5 south of Sacramento. I wondered how many people take the time to investigate the ultimate sacrifice that he and others have made. He was a hero, like all the others lost in the line of duty serving our state. God bless him, and thank you Artie for your service and sacrifice.