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  • Chief J. Leonard Speer

    In Honor of Chief J. Leonard Speer

    Dear Uncle Leonard. I fondly remember the days when you were young and we were even younger. You were my little sister's Godfather. Virginia doesn't remember you, but I certainly do..
    You were very sweet. My Godfather was Henry Uteralde. Monica's was Rudy Medina. Diana Jo's, was just as important. Fire Chief in Mexicali. You brought children to my 7th birthday party on Heil. Mom was angry, as usual. You guys together were a handfull. Just know, I think of you. Love Always, Eleanor Anne Scott.

  • Detective Russell G. Grower


    In Honor of Detective Russell G. Grower

    Uncle Russell, my Dad, Your only sibling, Robert R Grower passed away Nov. 30, 2019. My name is Roberta (Grower) Mahoney. My sister Valerie (Grower) Rosa. We are trying to locate our cousins. David, Sondra and Robin. My dad was never the same Uncle after you passed. You were so very young. A true Hero.

  • Deputy Michael A. Coleman

    Stockton Police SWAT, Retired

    In Honor of Deputy Michael A. Coleman

    Mike and I sat next to each other during DEA school. My wife and I were driving down Filbert, when we saw a Police car blocking a side street. I asked what's going on, and was told an deputy was shot during a narcotics search warrant. Officer Nick Cecchetti was killed, also serving a narcotics search warrant.
    SWAT served all search warrants afterwards. We did hundreds. Miss, and love you both.

  • Daughter

    In Honor of Inspector James O. Randolph, Jr.

    Hi Dad,
    I love đź’• you. You are here with me always.
    You are my super hero.
    I Love you always and forever dad.

  • Detective II Thomas C. Williams

    Psychologist and Podcast Host

    In Honor of Detective II Thomas C. Williams

    Detective Williams' daughter Susan, now grown, continues to grieve the loss of her father and benefit by his guidance as her parent. She was only a teen when his life was stolen. His memory, his values and his honor live on through her actions, words and memories. She wrote her memoir of that fateful day in her book The Other Side of the Gun. It offers a glimpse of what a very public death can do to a very private family.

  • Officer Jerry E. Turre

    My Uncle

    In Honor of Officer Jerry E. Turre

    You were a wonderful Uncle and even though so much time has passed you are remembered fondly. Love you Uncle Jerry.

  • Deputy Jack D. Williams

    Retired LASD

    In Honor of Deputy Jack D. Williams

    Jack and I were hired on with LASD on the same day. I still remember his badge number from both of us looking at our new badges..We worked off the street together as Bailiff's in the old Brunswick Building in downtown L.A. until our academy class started. We rode to work everyday and did lunch together. We went thru the Academy together and later worked the MCJ. Jack went to Norwalk. I went to Lennox for 3 years. Later, I went to Norwalk, but he had already left to go to SEB.. We lost contact except for sometimes we would see each other at Lennox or Norwalk when he was working SEB. Jack was a great guy and a dedicated Law Enforcement officer. RIP Jack......

  • Deputy Douglas B. Miller


    In Honor of Deputy Douglas B. Miller

    It grieves me deeply that this deputy was killed in the line of duty. We need more like him! I can relate to a degree having served as a wilderness ranger for the USDA Forest Service with concurrent jurisdiction in Yosemite NP (at their request) and as a civilian in the US Air Force as a security guard/security controller/police officer. I known that he is with his Lord, Jesus Christ, and at least I can rejoice in that! I learned of him today, 12/15/23, from the tribute to him at Miller point, Lexington reservoir. May God bless and protect all officers who strive to serve with integrity!

  • Sergeant John S. Macaulay

    Great cousin

    In Honor of Sergeant John S. Macaulay

    Johnny was a wonderful cousin. He was the main support for his widowed mother.
    Johnny always told he would marry after he retired from the force, but that (this sunk deep in my heart) he didn’t believe he would retire as he would due in the line of duty.
    I saw him last on July 1st, he was at my mother’s Rosery & Visitation. He told me he was sorry that he would miss mom’s funeral as he was working. If I recall correctly, the day he was shot he was covering another LEO’s shift. Johnny was like that, if you had a family need he would step up so you could be off.
    I treasure my last memories of him. And always think of him when I look at the Tea pot he gave me for my wedding just 10 months before.
    Stay safe all you LEOs! Blessings to all.

  • Deputy Darryn L. Robins

    Gone but never forgotten.

    In Honor of Deputy Darryn L. Robins

    A tribute to one of the dearest brothers of my life. May God bless you and the family for which I've always felt a part of. It seems like just yesterday we were running around Cimmaron Elementary School, then Henry Clay Jr. High, and then on to Washington High getting into a little trouble along the way, but not much. Although we grew up at an extremely tough time to grow up as black youth, we made it through. I can remember us always wanting to make a difference in our community, by speaking to many of the guys who chose different paths. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, but the heartfelt love for our brothers was always there. It's coming up on 30 unbelievable years since that day, and I still miss you like it was yesterday "Bean." Rest in peace and power, my brother, love forever!