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  • Sgergeant Timothy D. White

    In Honor of Sgergeant Timothy D. White

    Thank you Mr White, all the people that you helped and all the people that just met you under this horrid news Salute you with love. You were and always be a hero and a victim of circumstances that must be recognized as an act of evil. Very sorry to all your family

  • Officer Warren G. Chamberlain

    Christmas Day 1941

    In Honor of Officer Warren G. Chamberlain

    It was his day off, but because of Pearl Harbor, he was called to duty. He died in an on-duty motorcycle accident on Christmas Day, leaving a 21 month old daughter (me) and his pregnant wife. His son was born three months later. I wish I had known him longer!

  • In Honor of Sergeant John V. Young

    Thank you for your service. Your loss is felt everyday.

  • Youth Counselor Ineasie M. Baker

    God bless those who are allways trying to help others

    In Honor of Youth Counselor Ineasie M. Baker

    God bless ms inease and family i grew up i'n juvenille Halls and once i was in yts one day and transfered to Stockton the next and Heard the sad story of ms inease m. Baker i was 17 years old when i was in yts i'm 42 now and live in Tijuana i been here 14 years and found god and My beatiful wife isabel thanks to all the staff that gave me the positive conversations to these day have impact on My life to these day god bless all god bless ms inease m. Baker

  • Officer Dana E. Paladini

    Officer - CHP Retired

    In Honor of Officer Dana E. Paladini

    Dana, I wish you were still here with us. You were one of my best friends and to lose you so tragically and in such a short time after meeting you was devastating. I've thought of you often over the past 48 years and so wish you were here and we could share a beer together. I'll always remember your smile, sense of humor and laid back bachelor attitude. Rest peacefully my brother. Someday we will be together again.

  • Deputy Juan A. Escalante

    RIP Juan

    In Honor of Deputy Juan A. Escalante

    I Remember Juan(Juanito) as we call him at work. We worked together at Big- Buy foods.
    Juan always with a smile, always with a fresh cut. Family guy, always taking care of his son. They always got a hair cut together.
    Great friend,Miss You Juanito.
    RIP Brother

  • Deputy Jack D. Williams

    Retired LASD

    In Honor of Deputy Jack D. Williams

    I was with Jack making the entry when he was shot. Sadist day of my career but the memory of his talents and dedication remain to this day. For his wonderful family and his friends, I finally initiated a campaign to honor Jack with a Freeway Memorial Dedication proudly and forever bearing his name on the 605 frwy near home. The dedication is scheduled for this year, and perhaps near May 29th, the anniversary of this
    tragic day. I invite everyone to attend and pay your respect to Jack and his family. (Date and location to follow)

  • Officer Stephan G. Gray

    My friend

    In Honor of Officer Stephan G. Gray

    I can’t even begin to comment me and Stephan go back to Walmart working under cover his wonderful wife which I can’t believe she would remember me and his beautiful children. It’s taken me many years to write here. But I miss you man I’m proud of you and everything you are and stood for! I’ll see you my friend on the other side my son joined you last year he lost his battle finally but I hope to see you both again when my time comes. RIP my friend!

  • Deputy Larry D. Griffith

    In Honor of Deputy Larry D. Griffith

    I was a dispatcher for LCSO when this happened. It changed my life. Larry was so distinctive, his was the first call sign I remembered, "Dispatch, 1 2 2, with his unique Texas drawl. I have a charicature drawing of Larry from Deputy Mark Paul on my nightstand to this day. Larry, I remember how much you loved your wife and kids how brave and selfless you were, and I'm sure still are. Never forget!!

  • Deputy Sandra L. Larson

    larson marine

    In Honor of Deputy Sandra L. Larson

    we will miss you this summer on delta I wish the best for family.