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  • Officer Nicholas Vella

    Wife of Officer Vella

    In Honor of Officer Nicholas Vella

    Blessed are the Peace Keepers, your work on earth is done my love.
    Rest in Peace

  • Officer John J. Blessing

    In Honor of Officer John J. Blessing

    Loved my cousin

  • Deputy Sheriff Robert "Bob" French

    Great friend

    In Honor of Deputy Sheriff Robert "Bob" French

    Bob, we had good times at the Rodeos in the 90's you were a great friend, funny people thought we were brothers, see you on the other side brother. Mike.

  • Detective II Thomas C. Williams

    In Honor of Detective II Thomas C. Williams

    Thank you for serving your town, risking your life for a better environment and for saving your son's life. You will always be missed by your family and relatives.
    Rest in Peace, Det. T. Williams.

    Comment: Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Officer Russell L. Kuster

    Homocide Detective (retired)

    In Honor of Officer Russell L. Kuster

    Russ it has been a very long time since you have been gone however time has not dimmed our thoughts and memories of you. You will always be in our lives. We continue to miss you. You were one of a kind.
    Ernie and Karen

  • Deputy Joseph R. Herrera

    50 years ago today

    In Honor of Deputy Joseph R. Herrera

    In memory of Deputy Joseph Herera EOW October 3, 1972
    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
    50 years ago today in one of those "I remember where I was and what I was doing" moments in life when I like many others got the sad news of Joey's passing. We were all young and starting our lives and families, we were ill equipped for this type of news as all of our tomorrows were ahead of us. Joey was in his 2nd year with LASD after a combat tour in Viet Nam, he and his wife Barb had just purchased their 1st home down the street, life was good, sadly he never saw his 25th birthday....
    We will remember Joe Herera today, gone way too soon but not forgottenπŸ’”

  • Deputy Michael R. Arruda

    Happy Birthday

    In Honor of Deputy Michael R. Arruda

    Happy Birthday up in Heaven.

  • Officer Fidel Aleman

    My FTO

    In Honor of Officer Fidel Aleman

    30 years ago today I was in Central LA (590) working graveyards on 3rd phase, nervously sitting in the front row of the briefing room waiting for my FTO, Off. Aleman. He was never late, in fact always early and in the locker room before me. Around 2135 hrs. we were all told by Sgt. Texiera that Fidel had been shot. I still can remember most of what transpired that chaotic emotional night and the days up to and including the memorial service. "Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole was played as hundreds paid tribute. Now, 30 years later, and just over a year retired, I pay tribute to my last phase FTO, Officer Aleman - I will never forget!

  • Deputy Arthur E. Pelino

    Supervisor for my Explorer Group

    In Honor of Deputy Arthur E. Pelino

    As a high school student and an Explorer Art was always giving advice and guidance. Riding patrol with Art was always going to be a great shift. His interaction with the people who had called for service and or traffic stops is still memorable. It was my job to go and pick up Art and prepare him for burial as I was an employee at Piece Brothers. It was an honor to assist Pat and the kids to get their father back for a last tribute. Art and Sgt. Warford were both mentors and I would eventually become a deputy sheriff myself.
    I will never forget "Deputy" Pelino, Art!

  • Deputy Kenneth Royal

    Never forgotten

    In Honor of Deputy Kenneth Royal

    Hi Daddy,
    Time passes and so much happens without you here. It has left a void that has accompanied me for the majority of my life. So many things would have been different. If only there was a parallel universe where what could have been existed. When I was little I "saw" you everywhere. I couldn't understand why you were "out there" but not at home. I guess it takes kids a while to mesh desire and reality, until reality stays. I just keep believing you CAN see everything that has happened to those you love, it somehow is a comfort.