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  • Officer David G. Guider

    Sgt 1/5th Mech Vietnam

    In Honor of Officer David G. Guider

    Close friend in army. Sorry for his loss. We spent are Army time together. Would like to hear from his son.

  • Detective Russell G. Grower

    My Dad

    In Honor of Detective Russell G. Grower

    This was my Dad and I am so proud.
    He was a true hero.

  • Honor

    In Honor of Officer Lavon B. New

    On March 29, 2019 members of the Peace Officer Memorial Group, Inc and a Lieutenant from Turlock Police Department will travel to your final resting place in Mustang, OK to pay honor for your service and sacrifice.
    The Oklahoma Masons and family members will celebrate your life and participate in the ceremony of attaching your badge to your marker.
    Thank you Officer New. Heroes live forever.

  • Officer Gary E. Rippstein

    Retired Police Officer .TPRA Member

    In Honor of Officer Gary E. Rippstein

    As a young rookie on Torrance PD, I worked with Officer Gary Rippstein in the early 60's. He had a great sense of humor and was very well liked . Because of his religious affiliation Gary became the Department Chaplain. I had left and transferred to another agency when I learned of Gary's death. He was a man of strong character, and his loss was a tragedy I always remember even as I write this on Feb 15, 2019. " lest we ever never forget". EOW 12-22-68 My Friend Gary.

  • Deputy Jack D. Williams


    In Honor of Deputy Jack D. Williams

    I worked patrol, SWT, and Narco with Jack. He was an excellent street cop but an even better husband, father, and friend. This memorial is long overdue

  • Deputy Jack D. Williams

    Retired LASD Sergeant

    In Honor of Deputy Jack D. Williams

    I attended the Sheriff's Academy in 1970. The practice was to divide the cadets up according to their last name. Jack and I were in the sixth platoon. I got to know Jack during those many stressful weeks. He was dedicated right from the start. He excelled in academics, shooting, & physical training. To be honest, I was a little shocked that he wasn't our honor cadet, but I'm sure he was at least number two in our class. Jack was a man of integrity, honor and dedication. He did all things well. Jack and I were in class #142 and we fought in the first East Los Angeles riot in 1970. I was proud to fight and serve along side him. He was a great Deputy and a wonderful friend. May he rest in peace.

  • Daughter

    In Honor of Officer Rene G. Lacau

    On April 15, 2019, it will be 50 years since you gave your all. You have always been my hero and I miss you to this day.

  • Officer Hugo Olazar

    In loving memory of Officer Olazar

    In Honor of Officer Hugo Olazar

    Whenever I pass the spot on I-280 as a Uber driver, the memorial signboard onto the side always and vividly gets into my sights so one day I determined to find out who the officer is on that. I found his tragic story on the internet with his short reputation, and I realized many duties of highway patrols like his case could be exposed to great danger. My condolences to his suffering then, and I wish his soul were taken by the Lord. Many thanks for your all services, Officer Olazar.

  • Sergeant Robert L. Mikesell

    Son and former police officer

    In Honor of Sergeant Robert L. Mikesell

    Dad, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and all you did for your family. You were taken away from us way to soon. Your love of family, country, and God has always inspired me to be a better person and do the best that I could to make you proud. You never got to know your grandchildren. They missed so much by not having your personal influence in their lives. Looking forward to the day I see you again, your son...Larry

  • Deputy Kelly A. Bazer

    In Honor of Deputy Kelly A. Bazer