Honor Roll

Merle L. Andrews

Officer Merle L. Andrews was pursuing a stolen vehicle whose driver was the subject of an all-points-bulletin sought on robbery and kidnapping charges. Andrews stopped the suspect and radioed for back-up, then approached the vehicle with his weapon drawn. The driver opened fire killing the 39-year-old patrol officer. The gunman fled, but was captured a few hours later. Andrews was a member of the Patrol for nine years.

Tributes in honor of Officer Merle L. Andrews

  • You did and would continue to make a difference

    Uncle Merle: We’ve attended years of suitability hearings for the man who shot you, with the last hearing attended just one month before he passed. He was to be released on medical probation to a secure convalescent facility, but he did not live to see that happen. We struggled as a law enforcement financial manager between knowing the system cost to keep him versus the medical probation and the family need for justice. The internal need to maintain justice for you and the family won out. When you were killed, we lost a man who was the model for all of us children growing up, the one we could always turn to. And the community lost a man who always helped the disadvantaged children in his neighborhood. You loved the fast pace of being a motor officer, but looking back, I know you would have made a great juvenile diversion officer. You are still missed, but out memories are peaceful, remembering your joy of life and the hero you were. May we set the same example you did.