Honor Roll

On July 5, 1889, Deputy John Nicholas Wren was killed while attempting to serve an arrest warrant. The subject listed on the arrest warrant was Charles Reavis. He was wanted for disturbing the peace by using vulgar, profane, and abusive language against his estranged wife while in the presence of others. Annie Reavis had contacted the District Attorney with the aforementioned incident and he issued the warrant, then gave it to Deputy Wren for immediate service.

Approximately two miles east of Visalia, while enroute back to Visalia from the Cottage Neighborhood (now known as the Cottage P.O. area), Deputy Wren confronted the suspect. Charles Reavis made a furtive movement. Deputy Wren pointed his handgun and fired, striking the suspect’s horse. Charles Reavis returned fire. The suspect’s bullet entered the top of the deputy’s head. The deputy fell to the ground dead. A reward of $200 was offered for the arrest of Charles Reavis.

The suspect was eventually found by Sheriff’s Posse members, led by Deputy Sheriff White, approximately two miles north of Visalia on Sunday, July 7, 1889. He was subsequently shot by one of the pursuers, S.N. Ellis.

Deputy Sheriff J.N. Wren left behind a wife, Amanda, and three children, John, Louis, and Winifred.