Honor Roll

Oscar A. Beaver

Deputy Oscar Beaver, Tulare Co. Sheriff’s Dept., died August 6, 1892, as a result of gunshot wounds while attempting to apprehend two suspected train robbers, Chris Evans and John Sontag.

Evans and Sontag were hiding out at the Evans’ farm when Beaver tried to apprehend them. “Beaver was stationed in an open space directly in front of the door with not a weed or brush to screen him from the robbers.” (Visalia Daily Times – August 8, 1892) Beaver, 34, was survived by his wife and a three-year-old son.

Two US Marshals were shot and killed while attempting to arrest Beaver’s murderers.

Deputy Marshal Vernon Coke Wilson and Deputy Marshal Andrew W. McGinnis were shot and killed on September 13, 1892.