Honor Roll

Jerry S. Hatch

Jerry S. Hatch, a twenty-three year old Fullerton Police Officer died on June 30, 1975. Officer Hatch had been helping to extinguish a vehicle fire at Beach Boulevard and the 91 Freeway. He was replacing equipment into the trunk of his car when he was struck by another vehicle. The driver was later determined to have been intoxicated.

Tributes in honor of Officer Jerry S. Hatch

  • I attended the Fullerton Police Academy with Jerry and he was a outstanding person and had a great sense of humor. Jerry would say the funniest things and get in trouble with the staff but always brought a smile to everyone’s face.
    I remember very well when Jerry was killed, and the entire police department struggled afterwards.
    I have nothing but the best memories of Jerry and am very happy to see the department honor him.