Honor Roll

On April 26, 1885, an ex-convict by the name of Gibbons, assaulted and attempted to murder an entire family near Round Mountain in Shasta County.  A warrant for his arrest was issued and given to Constable James Greenlee for service.  Greenlee tracked Gibbons to an area near Lookout in Big Valley.  Just after sunrise on May 27, 1885, Gibbons fled into the nearby woods, where he was pursued by Greenlee and citizens, Charles Fitzwater and John McNemar.  Finding Gibbons in the top of a broken down tree, Greenlee demanded his surrender.  Gibbons responded with shots fired, striking Greenlee just over the left eye.  Despite his mortal wound, Greenlee was able to return fire, striking Gibbons in the left chest, near the heart.  Fitzwater and McNemar took Gibbons into custody and he died a few days later.  Constable Greenlee, a widower at the time of his death, was survived by three children.