Honor Roll

Ernest R. Felio

Officer Ernest R. Felio was on routine patrol when he was shot and killed by a motorist he stopped for questioning. A security guard at a nearby farming operation testified he heard a brief conversation between the motorist and the officer, then heard the sound of two shots. The 49-year-old patrol officer was an 18-year CHP veteran who served 17 years at the Crescent City Area office. A description provided by the security guard led to the capture of Felio’s killer.

Tributes in honor of Officer Ernest R. Felio

  • I heard you were the greatest man

    I never got the chance to meet you but I know your legacy is what I’m a part of. Thank you for being a Great man and giving it all to keep us safe. I love you Grandpa

  • widow

    Will always be in hearts, still very much missed