Honor Roll

Edward J. Moore, Jr.

Patrolman Edward J. Moore Jr. was shot and killed on Jan. 15, while arresting a robbery suspect. He had just gotten off duty and was still in uniform when he spotted the suspect. He patted him down and confiscated a .32 caliber handgun.

As he was handcuffing the man, the suspect grabbed the gun and shot him in the chest several times.

Moore was able to chase the suspect for about a block before collapsing. Other officers responding to the scene arrested the suspect. Moore was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries eight days later after contracting pneumonia.

Moore had been in law enforcement for 10 years.

His wife and two children survived him.

Tributes in honor of Patrolman Edward J. Moore, Jr.

  • Beloved Grandfather

    My maternal grandfather, Eddy Moore was a handsome & talented man. He grew up in New Jersey where he was born to Irish parents. Besides being a fine marksman he also was a professional acrobat. I have a photograph of him in costume, complete with a silk sash, posed along with hi

    the 2 partners of his acrobat troupe. There is nobody left in our family who really knew him so I don’t know what they were called but I know they performed in San Diego. Eddy met my grandmother Sofie Jaussaud when he was an officer in East San Diego. She was extremely beautiful with her half Spanish, half French looks and she fell in love with this handsome redheaded Irish cop! They were extremely happy together. My Grandma Sophie adored him and never got over losing her kind, funny and brave soul mate. My Aunt Maxine was only 5 years old when her Daddy was taken from her & my mother Evelyn “Little Evie” was only 18-months-old. Because penicillin had not been discovered in 1933 my grandpa died of pneumonia, no doubt in part because of the debris from his California Vehicle Code Book that had been in his breast pocket. As I was growing up I used to treasure that book with the bullet hole through it and my Grampa’s blood
    on the pages. We also had his lead filled, leather covered Billy club and his skeleton key. My Mama always grieved over the fact that she never had her “Daddy Eddy” to love & protect her. His final words were, “Take care of Little Evie for me.”
    This is a sad tribute because of the huge emptiness we, his family, have always felt because of his absence. I have prayed many times that he will be waiting for us in Heaven where “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes…” Revelation 21:4.
    “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood & righteousness!”
    Even though you cannot read this, Grampa Eddy, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. You are my hero! Thank you for giving your life for others.
    Your Mary Kate