Honor Roll

Didier M. Hurdle

Deputy Dee Hurdle was assigned to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lynwood Station at the time of his murder. When his regular partner called-in sick, Deputy Hurdle teamed up with Deputy Sheriff Trainee Johnny Brown. They were on patrol when they noted suspicious movements and something being thrown from a vehicle with two occupants. The deputies circled around and approached the vehicle from the front. At that point, the vehicle had only one occupant. As the deputies exited their patrol car to investigate, a man appeared from behind the suspect car, firing at them. The deputies returned fire. Although the suspects escaped temporarily, one of them was wounded in the exchange of gunfire. Deputy Hurdle, although wearing a ballistic vest, was shot in the shoulder, the bullet deflected down into his chest. He died from his wound. Deputy Brown was hit in the leg and shoulder. A large containment of the area was established by deputies responding to the call for assistance. The suspects were apprehended (one as the result of assisting deputies following the blood trail from his wounds). The two suspects were subsequently arrested and charged murder of a police officer and possession of PCP.

Tributes in honor of Deputy Didier M. Hurdle