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Denis W. Allen

Patrolman Denis W. Allen was shot and killed on April 2, after he and his partner responded to a disturbance call. When they arrived they discovered a man was attempting to flood his apartment by clogging up the sinks and he was stabbing a block of ice with a knife.

When the man saw the officers he advanced towards them with the knife, but dropped it when both officers drew their weapons. As Allen approached the suspect, he suddenly pulled out a concealed handgun and shot him in the chest. Both officers returned fire, killing the suspect.

Allen succumbed to his injuries within minutes.

The suspect had been released from jail that morning after serving time for attempted murder of a police officer.

Allen had been with the San Diego Police Department for 11 years.

He is survived by his wife and three children.

Tributes in honor of Patrolman Denis W. Allen

  • Thank you...

    Thank you for serving your neighbors and protecting them. You would be proud of your daughter as she grew up to be a beautiful person and a loving mother.