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David G. Guider

Officers Wendell Troyer and David Guider were assigned to ARGUS, the Oakland Police helicopter, on the evening of October 2, 1973. Troyer, 47, was a 22-year veteran of the department and the pilot that evening. Guider, 26, had 4 years with Oakland POLICE DEPARTMENT He was assigned the observer position in ARGUS.

At 9:35 p.m. as they were patrolling over East Oakland, they received a dispatch directing them to assist downtown units in a robbery. As they flew west, the helicopter suddenly lost power and plummeted to the ground. The helicopter crashed in a large explosion and fire. Both officers were trapped in the flaming ARGUS and were unable to escape.

The initial investigation revealed a possibility that the officers were victims of a sniper. Troyer had a gunshot wound to the head. Witnesses claimed that they heard gunshots prior to the crash of the helicopter.

It was later released that the helicopter suffered a mechanical failure that resulted in the loss of power and subsequent crash.

Troyer was married with two children. Guider was survived by his wife.

Tributes in honor of Officer David G. Guider

  • Officer

    Dave was a “cop’s cop”, a good guy and friend to all.
    He was on my watch (shift), that night at “line up”, when Captain Ford told us the regular helicopter observer was off sick, and did anyone want to volunteer? My hand shot up, as did Dave’s and another officer’s (can’t remember name).

    I was very disappointed I didn’t get chosen, but happy for Dave. He was clearly pleased.

    Dispatch put out the report of the crash, we were all just shocked. I remember the anger at the prospect of a sniper, and then the sadness that just hits you in the gut at such a horrific and tragic loss.

    God bless you Dave.

  • Sgt 1/5th Mech Vietnam

    Close friend in army. Sorry for his loss. We spent are Army time together. Would like to hear from his son.