Honor Roll

Township Constable Charles F. Lehman was elected to as Anaheim’s Town Marshal in May of 1872, however his victory was short lived.

On July 21, 1872, two months after assuming office, Charles Lehman was called to a disturbance at the Anaheim Brewery on Center Street involving two men arguing about a card game.  One of the men was Deputy City Marshal David Davies, the other man was known only as “Horton.”

As Lehman arrived on scene and tried to intervene to settle the quarrel, a gunfight erupted between Davies and Horton.  Marshal Lehman was caught in the crossfire and shot.  On July 23, 1872 at 7:30 p.m., Marshal Charles F. Lehman died at the age of 44, becoming the first Anaheim Law Enforcement Officer to die in the line of duty.