Honor Roll

Arthur E. Pelino

Deputy Arthur Pelino was assigned to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Gorman Station at the time of his murder. Deputy Pelino was the resident deputy at Gorman and lived there with his wife and six children. Deputy Pelino arrested a man he described as mentally disturbed and possibly violent, but told deputies at the Santa Clarita Valley Station (the nearest help) that he had the situation under control and did not need help. Deputy Pelino was shot with his own revolver during the booking process. Two of his children found him on the floor with the suspect sitting nearby. They ran and told their mother, who managed to get the man into the lock-up and then call for assistance, but Deputy Pelino was already dead.

Tributes in honor of Deputy Arthur E. Pelino

  • Supervisor for my Explorer Group

    As a high school student and an Explorer Art was always giving advice and guidance. Riding patrol with Art was always going to be a great shift. His interaction with the people who had called for service and or traffic stops is still memorable. It was my job to go and pick up Art and prepare him for burial as I was an employee at Piece Brothers. It was an honor to assist Pat and the kids to get their father back for a last tribute. Art and Sgt. Warford were both mentors and I would eventually become a deputy sheriff myself.
    I will never forget “Deputy” Pelino, Art!

  • Mrs.

    May you continue to Rest In Peace. You are a hero. Thank you for your service.

  • Deputy Pelino

    May you rest in everlasting peace deputy Pelino. Thank you for serving and protecting us. May your memory live on through your children and fellow deputies. I reside in the house behind the old substation. I wish there was a plaque in your honor on the property for you to be remembered