Honor Roll

William L. Sikola

Motorcycle officer William Sikola, 27, affectionately dubbed “Pepsi Cola” by his friends, was officially off duty when he answered a call for assistance that led to his death.

Married and the father of three children, Sikola was a four year veteran of the Bakersfield Police Department. He had been a motorcycle officer for about three months. Police reports said the officer was headed home in uniform on his police motorcycle just after midnight when he heard a radio call asking for assistance in chasing a stolen car.

He responded to the call and quickly sped down northbound Highway 99 trying to head off the fleeing car. He was just south of the 24th street off-ramp when his motorcycle developed what police describe a “A high-speed wobble.” Sikola lost control of his bike and crashed into the center divider. He died of massive head and chest injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital.