Honor Roll

Wellington L. Aubery

On Jan. 14, 1921, Wellington L. Aubery, the Chief Fresno County Traffic Officer, was killed while in the performance of his law enforcement duties.

Aubery was in pursuit of a speeding vehicle traveling on Kearney Avenue in Fresno County. He lost control of his vehicle due to slippery road conditions, and in an attempt to avoid tipping over, guided his vehicle off the roadway and attempted to drive between a clump of oleanders and a palm tree. Aubery’s vehicle struck the palm tree causing the car to roll over, pinning him under the vehicle.

A passing motorist who summoned an ambulance extricated Aubery from his vehicle. He was transported to Burnett Sanitarium where physicians attempted to save his life.

Aubery was appointed by the Fresno County District Attorney M.F. McCormick. DA McCormick advised the Board of Supervisors of his appointment of Aubery. On Sept. 6, 1917, the Board took up the matter of the appointment of Traffic Officers. The Board ratified the appointments and the monthly compensation of $125 and $.03 per mile for the use of the privately owned motorcycles when used in the discharge of their duties.