Honor Roll

Ronald E. Ludlow

Deputy Ronald Ludlow was temporally assigned to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Firestone Park Station in south-central Los Angeles at the time of his death. He was the fist fatality of the Watts riots. He and several other Sheriff’s units were on Imperial Highway and Wilmington Avenue trying to disperse a crowd from a liquor store that had been looted and set on fire. Shots were fired at the deputies as they stood their ground. Ludlow’s partner carried a shotgun when he approached a vehicle, ordering them to leave. Instead, an occupant grabbed the gun, the deputy twisted it out of his grasp and the weapon discharged, hitting Deputy Ludlow in the stomach. Deputy Don Kennedy, who was near Deputy Ludlow when he fell to the ground, recalled him saying, “I don’t feel too bad.” Deputy Ludlow died in the lap of a fellow Deputy Jack Miller while being rushed to St. Francis Hospital in a patrol car. The suspect, who tried to disarm the deputy with the shotgun, was convicted for manslaughter.