Honor Roll

Roger Bauman

Deputy Roger Bauman and his partner, Warren Lee were following up on an attempt robbery that had just occurred at a bar on Auburn Boulevard. A short time later they observed the suspect vehicle and initiated a short pursuit.

The suspect made several attempts to ram the patrol car before Deputy Bauman was able to force the suspect to stop.

Deputy Bauman pointed his service weapon at the suspect from the patrol car as Deputy Lee got out and ran around the back of the unit in an effort to approach the suspect vehicle. As he did so he heard two shots.

An exchange of gun fire followed which left Deputy Bauman gravely injured.

The suspect died at the scene.

Deputy Roger Bauman died a short time later at the hospital after all attempts to save his life failed. The Roger Bauman Facility at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center is named in honor of this fallen officer.

Deputy Bauman is buried at East Lawn Memorial Park on Folsom Boulevard and 43rd Street.