Honor Roll

Richard Kunkle

Officer Richard Earl Kunkle was a Burbank Police Motorcycle Officer when he died on September 22, 1961. He was employed by the Burbank Police Department from January 4, 1954 until his death. On September 18, 1961 at 7:10am Officer Kunkle was on patrol and attempting to catch a motorist. A vehicle pulled out from a side street and partially into oncoming traffic. When the driver saw the officer appraching with his red lights on he tried to back up, out of the officers way. Officer Kunkle tried to avoid the vehicle by trying to pass to the rear. Officer Kunkle lost control of his motorcycle and was thrown to the pavement, striking his head. Ofc Kunkle died from his injuries one hour later. Officer Kunkle had been employed by the Anchorage (Alaska) Police Department from September 1949 until July 1951. He left behind a wife and four children, Cheryl, Gerald, Rebecca and David.