Honor Roll

At about 6:30 p.m. on December 22, 1930, Henry Krause, owner of Bear Malt Supply Company was alone in his store when two bandits entered. While one held Krause at gunpoint, the other raided the cash register of $35.00. The two fled on foot. Grabbing his own revolver, Krause pursued the robbers, eventually overtaking one. The robber feigned surrender, then as Kraus lowered his gun, fought back.

Deputy Calderwood was on his way home and happened to come upon the scuffle. He ran to the scene trying desperately to separate Krause and the suspect. A moment later the other bandit returned and fired a shot into Krause’s back and again disappeared. As Krause was shot he released his hold on the suspect, who drew out a knife and stabbed Calderwood, leaving the blade imbedded in his back.

Both suspects escaped but were eventually apprehended.  Robert O’Neill and William Hudson were convicted of first-degree murder and hanged at the Folsom Prison gallows.