Honor Roll

On July 2, Deputy Michael W. McClung had been patrolling his beat when he was struck by a Southern Pacific “Light Engine” unit. The impact was to the right front of the car that came to rest in a dry ditch immediately adjacent to and east of the railroad tracks and an estimated distance of 165 to 185 feet from the south edge of Meyers Road. The car was completely demolished and the subsequent autopsy revealed that McClung had been killed instantly.

McClung came to Colusa from Gridley and was employed by the Colusa County Sheriff’s Department as a Correctional Officer on June 6, 1983. He was appointed Deputy Sheriff on September 15, 1983, attended the Northern California Criminal Justice Training Center at Oroville in January 1984 and graduated in March 1984. He entered the Field Training Program on March 28, and continued in this program until June 1, 1984 when he was appointed to solo patrol duty. Currently he had been assigned to Beat #3, which is generally south of Williams to the Yolo County Line. He was on this Beat at the time of the accident. He was working his regular 10-hour shift from 0800 hrs. to 1800 hrs. About two weeks ago he had moved to his current residence in Williams.

McClung, 23, is survived by his wife, Cindy, 8-month-old son; and parents, Milton and Kathleen McClung.