Honor Roll

Michael R. Wilson

Deputy Michael Wilson, 31, and his training officer, Deputy Chris Hill were involved in a fatal accident. Their patrol car was hit head-on by a speeding drunk driver. Mike Wilson died as a result of his injuries, Hill was seriously injured.

Deputy Wilson had been with the Sheriff’s department only six weeks when he was killed. He and his training officer Chris Hill, were on their way to Lake Isabella, and an 18 year old woman with a car load of kids, hit him head on. The driver was intoxicated.

The small patrol car was no match for the Cadillac she was driving. The impact was so great that the steering wheel was driven into Wilson’s chest. He also suffered massive head injuries which were ultimately the cause of death. He was conscious for the hour and fifteen minutes it took them to extricate him from his vehicle with the jaws of life. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Kern Medical center in Bakersfield Ca. The irony of this incident is Dep. Wilson wasn’t scheduled to be on duty. Being a rookie, he wanted to make a good impression on his commanding officers. So when the request was made for someone to go and pick up a transfer in Lake Isabella, he offered to go. It was the last of the many good and honorable things he would do.

Deputy Wilson was survived by his wife, Rhonda Wilson-Shirley. Daughters Kelly Wilson Jackson and Kristen Wilson Jones, his parents Jack and Lois Wilson, brothers Tom Wilson and Doug Wilson.