Honor Roll

Hurled head first to the ground when his motorcycle skidded on a sharp turn on the Tehachapi highway. State Traffic officer L. W. Hogan, 39, of the Kern Division suffered injuries which proved fatal.

Hospital reports were to the effect that officer Hogan, widely known throughout the San Joaquin Valley as “Pat” Hogan, suffered a broken neck and concussion of the brain.

The exact cause of the accident, which occurred near the intersection of the Tehachapi Highway and the cut-off to Arvin at the Bear Mountain Ranch, is not known. For there were no eye witnesses, but it is believed that Hogan’s motor skidded on the curve when it hit loose sand.

Within a few seconds after the accident, and before the dust had cleared from the scene, a motorist came upon the unconscious form of the injured traffic officer, and brought him to the San Joaquin hospital in Bakersfield.

Officer Hogan was returning from Muroc Lake on the Mojave Dessert, where he had been assigned to duty during the motorcycle races there. The accident occurred sometime between 5 and 6 p.m.

Officer Hogan has been with the Kern County squad of the state traffic force under Captain Snell for the last four years. Previous to that time, he served with the Tulare County force for six years, most of which time he was captain.

Officer Hogan died at the hospital shortly before 7 a.m. more than 36 hours after his skull was fractured and his neck broken in the accident. The investigation led to the belief that Officer Hogan was in pursuit of another motorcycle that was believed to be speeding.