Honor Roll

Jose “Joe” Cisneros

Hundreds of police officers from as far away as Eureka and San Jose were among those honoring Jose “Joe” Cisneros, a Solano County sheriff’s deputy who was killed Sunday, Aug. 25, in the line of duty.

Uniformed officers from more than two dozen police departments and nearly a dozen sheriff’s departments stood in rows 12 deep, 30 across, on the lawn in front of the Bryan-Braker Funeral Home during the hour-long afternoon service.

Three lanes in front of the funeral home were used to park hundreds of cars and motorcycles.

Cisneros was shot to death while making a traffic stop near Vacaville. Two men were arrested within half an hour after a high-speed chase that ended near Winters in Yolo County.

Cisneros, a 13-year veteran of the department, was remembered by friends and colleagues as a warm family man and a model peace officer.

“He was a quiet guy, always calm. If you had the same beat, you were safe with Joe,” said Sgt. Ray Vaneck of the Solano County Sheriff’s Department.

“He was well liked by everyone he met,” said Solano Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Monroe. “”I feel a spoke in the wheel of life has been torn from us.”

Los Gallos, a trio of musicians, performed ballads between tributes to Cisneros.

Joe Sandoval of the governor’s office presented a flag to Cisneros’ widow, Elsa, and daughter, 13-year-old Cassandra, both of Fairfield.

Cisneros was born in Douglas, Ariz., in 1944 and became a sergeant in the Air Force before joining the Solano Sheriff’s Department.

He also is survived by a brother, Juan, of Douglas.

A reception in the Fairfield Community Center followed the services.