Honor Roll

On May 8, 1907, Constable Jack Hewitt was on duty in the town of Kennet, California.  At approximately 3:30 a.m., Frank Tast, bartender of the Owl Dance Hall, summoned Constable Hewitt reporting that a man had threatened one of the ladies of the dance hall and Tast, when he came to her aid.  Constable Hewitt went directly to the woman’s room and was confronted at the door by suspect George McMann.  Without saying a word, McMann raised his revolver and shot Constable Hewitt in the chest, killing him instantly.  He then stepped over the body and fled the building.  Responding to the incident was Deputy Frank Littlefield, who confronted McMann in the street.  McMann tried to pull his revolver, but Littlefield was faster, taking him into custody.  As he was being arrested McMann reportedly said, “I’ve done a good job anyhow.”