Honor Roll

At 6:30 p.m. on December 9, 1895, Constable James Campbell was in the Palace Saloon on Market Street in Redding.  He was responding to an earlier disturbance in which one person was arrested.  Apparently feelings were high from friends of the arrested man and a crowd was closing in on Campbell inside the saloon.  Constable Campbell was drawing his pistol from his picket when it dropped, striking the brass rail of the bar and discharging.  The bullet struck Campbell under his left arm.  Redding City Marshal Eckels immediately took charge of Campbell, assisting him to his home.  Constable Campbell stated, “They were crowding in on me, everybody knows that.  I was going to be ready for them and my pistol dropped on the floor.”  Constable Campbell died from his wound on December 26, 1895, at age 42.  Constable Campbell was survived by his wife Mary and their son.