Honor Roll

On May 10, 1901, Constable Herbert S. Walker was contacted by Shasta County Sheriff Charles Behrens requesting his assistance in capturing two armed escaped prisoners.  E.A. Illingsworth and B.H. Dorland had escaped from the Shasta County jail in Redding on April 9, 1901.

The following day Sheriff Behrens received a tip that the escaped prisoners had been seen about two miles north of Adin.  The Sheriff and Constable Stanley of Siskiyou County invited Constable Walker to accompany them in capturing the two fugitives.  A team of horses and a driver were hired along with a tracker.  After spotting the fugitives along a river, the tracker signaled the law men.  Illingsworth approached the tracker and engaged him in conversation.  Constable Walker left his position of concealment and ordered Illingsworth to throw up his hands.  From a distance, Dorland saw Sheriff Behrens approach Walker and Illingsworth and started shooting.  Numerous shots were fired with Dorland’s second shot hitting Constable Walker.  Walker fell to the ground and the tracker picked up his Savage rifle and shot Dorland, killing him instantly.  The tracker then attempted to shoot Illingsworth as he fled.

Three hours passed before medical assistance arrived to treat Constable Walker.  He had lost a significant amount of blood.  Constable Walker died on Sunday, May 12, 1901.  The treating physician said Walker’s wound would not have been fatal if the blood loss had been controlled.

Constable Walker was survived by his wife, son, and father, as well as numerous siblings.