Honor Roll

Harold Stephen Blevins

Deputy Harold Blevins was assigned to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Temple Station at the time of his murder. Responding to an early morning robbery in progress call at a local restaurant, Deputies Blevins and Charles Covington could not know they were up against two career criminals, Thomas Barrington paroled from San Quentin Prison three weeks earlier and Harry Hancock, paroled from Folsom Prison six months before. Deputy Blevins would never know for he was shot in the head as he approached the establishment. Deputy Covington fired at the suspect who shot Blevins, inflicting a mortal wound, but himself was shot in the chest and also went down. The victims of the robbery and the victim officers were rescued during the resulting standoff which ended when the second suspect was discovered hiding in a car at the restaurant. Deputy Covington survived the bullet which entered his chest, exiting out his back.