Honor Roll

On the evening of November 14, 1924, Kingsburg Constable George Boyle and Deputy City Marshal Vic Linman confronted the four occupants of a wanted vehicle at the Main Garage on the state highway (now Draper St.) in Kingsburg.  Three of the four subjects were state prison escapees, and they had been involved in a murder and a string of residential robberies at Japanese-owned farms from Lodi to Parlier.  Constable Boyle approached their vehicle, ordering them out.  He was met by gunfire, suffering four wounds.  Linman returned fire, seriously wounding one suspect, before they roared off in the suspect vehicle to Fresno.  Three of the four suspects were arrested within hours, and the wounded robber died two weeks later.  Constable Boyle, wounded in the neck, the abdomen and twice in the back, died of peritonitis on November 18th.

Constable Boyle was a native of Missouri.  He had been the Kingsburg Constable for twenty-four years.  Before immigrating to California he had served as a Deputy Sheriff in Lincoln County, Kansas, for several years.

Constable Boyle was survived by his two sons and three grandchildren.  Funeral services were held November 21st at the First Methodist Church in Kingsburg and he was buried at Kingsburg Cemetery.