Honor Roll

Gary D. Saunders

Deputy Gary Saunders was assigned to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Firestone Park Station in the south central Los Angeles area at the time of his murder. Deputy Saunders, who was on patrol training status, had been a member of the Department less than two years when he was shot by a suspect after a foot pursuit near the intersection of Florence Avenue and Holmes Avenue. Deputy Saunders chased the a fleeing suspect for a short distance. When Saunders caught the suspect, a struggle ensued. Deputy Saunders was knocked to the ground and the suspect took Deputy Saunders revolver and shot him three times in the chest (ballistic vests were not in use at that time). Showing great restraint, deputies surrounded a garage and ordered the suspect to surrender. He tossed out Deputy Saunders revolver first and then walked out to surrender. The suspect was convicted of second degree murder.