Honor Roll

On Sunday, Jan. 30, 1921, at 2100 hours, Deputy Marshal Frank O. Real was on duty serving the citizens of the City of Los Banos when he was shot and killed during an armed robbery of the Olson and Bianculli pool hall.

Deputy Marshal Real was on duty and had been at Olson and Bianculli’s pool hall for a few minutes when a man entered through the back door armed with a .38-56 caliber Model 1886 Winchester repeating rifle. The robber ordered everyone in the room to leave by the front door. Some men were standing near the bar when the robber fired a shot that struck a slot machine. The patrons began to leave the premises with their hands up when the robber fired a second shot striking Deputy marshal Real in the back. Real had not raised his hands as the patrons had done and the Los Banos Enterprise opined that the robber knew Real was a peace officer and that Real was attempting to gain a position of advantage before drawing his gun.

The robber fled with over $400 dollars in currency and gold and remains at large.

Real was well respected in his community and by the law enforcement fraternity in the San Joaquin Valley. Every year since Real’s appointment on Nov. 1, 1911, he would take a leave of absence and return to his agricultural roots and help with the local grain harvest.

Real was born in Gilroy, CA on August 3, 1872, and resided in Los Banos area for more than 30 years. His mother and seven children survived Real, a widower.