Honor Roll

Deputy George Wilson was assigned to the San Gabriel area of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department jurisdiction at the time of his murder. He and his partner Constable Albert Smith, approached a residence near the City of Monrovia at about 8:00 p.m. looking for a murderer. The suspect, named Morales, was identified by lamplight with Constable Smith keeping watch over the suspect’s brother in an adjoining room. Suspect Morales asked Deputy Wilson to hand him his shoes, he obliged. As Deputy Wilson bent forward, Morales grabbed the deputy’s revolver. The light was extinguished amidst the struggle. Deputy Wilson was shot in the thigh but hobbled into the street, yelling for help. Suspect Morales fled and his brother was jailed. Doctors could not find the bullet. In agony, Deputy Wilson was taken home in a wagon. A week later, doctors removed the bullet, Wilson hemorrhaged, lapsed into a coma, and died.