Honor Roll

David L. Holquin

Early morning hours, Deputy Holquin was on his way home driving on Florence Ave through the city of Bell. At the corner of Vinevale Ave., he saw a child sitting on a bus bench. He stopped to see why and made contact with the 5 year old boy. The boy spoke Spanish and David did not, so he called Bell P.D. and told them what he had.

In the 5 minutes that passed after the call was made, the boy’s father arrived from a nearby apt. The father, hype, ex-con gangster acted like he didn’t speak English either.

While attempting to get info from the father, Deputy Holquin was confronted by Mr. Jack Dangerfield Jefferies, a local resident. Jefferies spoke with Holquin briefly, left and went to his upstairs apartment and returned with a .45 pistol. He re contacted the group, confronted Holguin and told him he was harassing the father and son. He ultimately shot David Holquin once in the face and fled the scene. The father and son also split,, the father leaving his ID behind.

Bell P.D. Officer arrived just after the shooting, could still smell the gunshot in the air and watched David die before paramedics could get there.

All the players were located, arrested etc, Jefferies never did give a good explanation as to why he shot Holquin. He was convicted of 2nd degree murder, sentenced to 15 yrs to life.

He is still in custody and parole has been denied twice.

This was the first Deputy we had lost at FPK since Trinidad Iglesias shot and killed Gary Saunders at 70th and Holmes 14 years earlier.