Honor Roll

On June 4, 1902, Constable Charles Cummins and his wife were in their front yard in DeLaMar, as Benjamin Williams approached the area, intoxicated.  Williams fired a rifle shot at a dog walking with two men on the road.  Constable Cummins led his wife to the side as Williams approached, recognizing the Constable.  Without a word, Williams raised his rifle and shot Deputy Cummins in the chest and ran for the nearby woods.  Mrs. Cummins took her husband’s revolver from his pocket and fired five shots at Williams as he fled.  Williams was pursued by a number of armed men.  A lynching was avoided by the actions of two special officers who captured Williams as the angry mob tracked him.  Williams was described as “a strapping mountaineer whose naturally lawless nature needed only the incentive of bad whisky to move him to the awful crime”  Williams was tried and sentenced to twenty-five years imprisonment.