Honor Roll

Bruce Verhoeven

Corporal Bruce Verhoeven, 32, was working a special crime prevention detail during the Christmas holiday season when he responded to an armed robbery in progress at a department store at Fulton and Alta-Arden.

The suspect had fled to a nearby apartment complex and was being pursued on foot by Sergeant Jerry Brennan. Corporal Verhoeven cordoned off a small area on one side of the complex to prevent the suspect’s escape, then took cover nearby. As he waited for additional units, a crowd of on-lookers began to gather. Fearing that innocent by-standers could be at risk of serious injury, Verhoeven left his cover and ordered the suspect to throw down his weapon. The suspect suddenly opened fire on Corporal Verhoeven mortally wounding him.

Sergeant Jerry Brennan realizing Verhoeven had been hit, confronted the suspect ordering him to remain motionless. The suspect quickly turned on Brennan. Sergeant Brennan fired at the suspect killing him.

Corporal Bruce Verhoeven was awarded the Sheriff’s Department Medal of Valor, posthumously, for his bravery above and beyond the call of duty.

Sergeant Jerry Brennan received the Silver Star. The Bruce Verhoeven Memorial Fund was established by the Verhoeven family in memory and honor of their loved one.

Corporal Bruce Verhoeven is buried at Mount Vernon Memorial Park on Greenback Lane.