Honor Roll

Benjamin Mushaney

Sergeant Benjamin W. Mushaney, 30 year-old motorcycle officer, was shot in the chest with a rifle bullet while responding to a landlord-tenant dispute in the 1300 block of Hollister Street. The shooting occurred at 11:20 in the morning and involved a female tenant attempting to obtain a $2.00 refund from the suspect, the landlord.

As Mushaney approached the front portion of the home, the suspect fired at him from an open window. The soft-nosed bullet struck Mushaney in the chest, who then stumbled around the side of the house and collapsed, mortally wounded. The suspect then shot the female tenant, striking her in the back. The gunman barricaded himself in the residence and continued to shoot at responding officers and residents in the area. Officers from several jurisdictions arrived at the scene and eventually administered tear gas into the home. The suspect was ultimately shot and killed by officers as he fled the home on foot, still firing at officers.

Mushaney was one of the most popular and best liked officers on the San Fernando Police Department.