This ‘End of Watch Reports’ page was created to acknowledge recently reported incidents and extend proper respect to those peace officers that have tragically had their lives cut short.

The California Peace Officers' Memorial Foundation updates the ‘Honor Roll’ pages of this website approximately once per month, as necessary. Names are added to the Honor Roll following review of the circumstances surrounding the officer’s death and concurrence by the Foundation’s Executive Director, President, and Selection Committee that the officer’s life was lost “In the Line of Duty”. The full CPOMF Board of Directors votes upon enrollment at regularly scheduled board meetings.


As ratified by the CPOMF Board of Directors November 8, 2006

The following guidelines have been formulated regarding the officers whose names will be enrolled on the California Peace Officers’ Memorial in Sacramento.

The peace officers enrolled shall include all those peace officers enumerated in P.C. 830 et seq., at the time of death.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the peace officer must be such that the peace officer died “In the Line of Duty” as a direct result of:

a) injuries inflicted upon him/her by another;
b) injuries received as a result of coming to the aid and assistance of a fellow officer or civilian;
c) injuries as a result of a sudden and traumatic injury of whatever nature; or
d) injuries as a result of exposure to hazardous materials.

In no case shall a person be enrolled if his/her death was substantially caused by his/her own gross negligence, gross violation of law, or gross violation of departmental policy.

All requests for enrollment must be submitted along with adequate documentation by the deceased’s law enforcement association or employer and supported by both.

In incidents of death not specifically described above, the case may be submitted to the California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation for review and evaluation; however, the above guidelines shall govern all decisions of the Foundation.

It should be noted that the death of an officer while “On Duty” does not create a presumption of an “In the Line of Duty” death and each application for enrollment will be evaluated on its circumstances and supporting documentation.