Honor Roll

Kenneth Royal

Deputy Ken Royal was rushing to provide “back up” to a fellow officer who had made a felony vehicle stop on two suspects believed to be responsible for an armed robbery of a south area tavern which had been broadcast minutes earlier.

One suspect had fled the vehicle and ran into a nearby field.

Deputy Royal arrived at the scene and while being covered by his fellow officers he approached the suspect who was still in the vehicle.

The suspect opened the door and began to get out when he suddenly drew a gun from his waistband and fired, striking Deputy Royal.

As the suspect attempted to flee he was shot by deputies.

Officer Ken Royal died at the scene.

The first suspect was apprehend by officers a short time later. The suspect that shot Deputy Royal recovered from his wounds, stood trial and was sent to state prison for armed robbery and murder.

The Kenneth B. Royal Firing Range located at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center is named in honor of Deputy Royal.

Deputy Royal is buried at East Lawn Sierra Hills Memorial Park on Greenback Lane.

Tributes in honor of Deputy Kenneth Royal

  • Never forgotten

    Hi Daddy,
    Time passes and so much happens without you here. It has left a void that has accompanied me for the majority of my life. So many things would have been different. If only there was a parallel universe where what could have been existed. When I was little I “saw” you everywhere. I couldn’t understand why you were “out there” but not at home. I guess it takes kids a while to mesh desire and reality, until reality stays. I just keep believing you CAN see everything that has happened to those you love, it somehow is a comfort.