The California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation would like to
thank the following major sponsors:


Altria Client Services, Inc.
Gordon Barger
Brown Insurance Services
Motorola Corporation
Target Stores
United Parcel Service


California Commerce Club
Peace Officers Research Association of CA
Los Angeles Police Protective League
Kitchell, CEM
San Diego Co. Honorary D.S.A.
Los Angeles Co. Marshals' Assn.
Los Angeles Co. P.P.O.A.
CA Police Chiefs Assn.
John F. Otto, Inc.
CA State Sheriffs' Assn.
CA Peace Officers' Assn.
Los Angeles Co. Board of Supervisors
James and Jessie Minor
Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation
Heavy Transport, Inc.
CA District Attorneys' Assn.
CA Dept. of Corrections Staff
CA Correctional P.O.A.
CA Association of Highway Patrolmen
Burns Family Foundation
Los Angeles City Council
Rick and Marie J. Fritts
7-Eleven Stores
Health Net
Assn. for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke & Sherwin, Attorneys at Law
Renee and Gordon Graham - C.H.P.
Altria Corporation


CA Narcotics Officers' Assn.
The Association of Special Agents CA DOJ
Ruhkala Granite & Marble Co., Inc.
Tony Anthony, L.A.S.D., C.O.P. Santa Maria (ret.)
Mary B. Anthony, L.A.S.D. (ret.)
Northern CA Concrete Assn.
San Diego Co. Deputy Sheriffs' Assn.
Rex Moore Electrical Contractor
National City P.O.A.
Paul M. Medina & Family, In memory of Robert A. Medina
John Jackson, masonry
Simi Valley P.O.A.


ABC - CA Assoc. of Special Investigators
Alameda Co. Sheriff's Dept., Sheriff Charles Plummer
Bill & Barbara Allen, L.A.S.D. (ret.)
Assn. for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
Assn. of Special Agents, D.O.J.
Atherton P.O.A.
Atlantic Richfield Co.
Bar Steel Service
Bechtel Construction, Inc. - Riley P. Bechtel
Beverly Hills P.O.A.
Brea P.D., Chief Don Forkus
Burbank P.O.A.
CA Assn. of Food & Drug Officials
CA Dept. of Youth Authority
CA Correctional Institution
CA Dept. of Corrections - Instructions Division Staff
CA Fraternal Order of Police
CA Highway Patrol Radio Dispatchers' Assn.
CA Institution for Men
CA Medical Facility Employees
CA Men's Colony
CA Narcotic Officers' Assn.
CA Organization of Police and Sheriffs
CA State Lottery Agents
CA State Police Assn.
CA State Prison -Folsom
CA Union of Safety Employees
Carlsbad P.D. & P.O.A.
N.A. (Chad) Chaderjian
Chino P.O.A.
Sgt. & Mrs. Allen Clatworthy, L.A.P.D. (ret.)
Commission on P.O.S.T.
Michael Conklin
Correctional Training Center
Cotkin, Collins and Franscell
Donald A. Denison Family
Deuel Vocational Institute
DMJM - 3 D/I Joint Venture
Richard J. Donovan, Correctional Facility
Stephen Downing, L.AP.D. (ret.)
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dubois
El Dorado Co. D.S.A.
El Segundo P.O.A.
El Monte P.O.A.
Kevin, Cyndi, Mike and David Eliason
Escondido P.D.
Gilbert Figueroa Family, L.A.S.D.
Fullerton P.O.A.
Clyde & Barbara Garrison, L.A.S.D. (ret.)
Friends of Brad Gates
Robert & Sylvia Gilmore
Glendale P.O.A.
Robert J. Green Family, L.A.S.D.
Dub & Julie Hall
Paul, Elizabeth and Emma Hammack
Robert E. Harrington Jr., C.H.P. (ret.)
Hayward P.A.
Art & Mary Ann Henrikson
Jack Hess, In memory of Capt. Murle Hess, L.A.S.D.
Hession & Creedon Law Corp.
Hillsborough P.D.
Huntington Beach P.O.A.
International Foot Printers Assn., Los Angeles Chapter #2
Kathleen & Rachel Claire Johnson, In memory of Duane Johnson, L.A.P.D.
Kern Co. L.E.A.
Kiru Landscaping
Lake Co. D.S.A.
Los Angeles Airport P.O.A.
Los Angeles Co. D.A.I. Assn.
Los Angeles Co. S.D., Sheriff Sherman Block
Los Angeles Co. S.D., Transportation Bureau
Los Angeles City Housing Authority P.D.
Los Angeles Co. Sheriffs' Narcotics Bureau
Los Angeles Co. Sheriffs' Relief Assn.
Los Angeles Police Command Officers' Assn.
Los Angeles Police Relief Assn.
Duane Lowe, Sheriff, Sacramento Co. 1971-1983
Clan Mac Alister
Manhattan Beach P.D.
Marshals Assn. of CA
Marshals' Assn. of CA, San Diego Chapter
Mastagni, Holsted, Chiruazzi & Curtis
Edie C. McCree & Family, In memory of Arleigh McCree, L.A.P.D.
Milpitas P.O.A. & City of Milpitas
Montebello P.O.A.
Monterey Co. D.S.A.
National Mexican - American Correctional Assn.
Women P.O.A. of California
Northern California P.O.A.
Orange Co. Marshal's Assn.
Orange Co. S.D., Sheriff Brad Gates
Pacific Telesis Group
Palo Alto P.O.A.
C.A. Alex Pantaleoni
Pasadena P.O.A.
PORAC, San Diego -Imperial Co. Chapter
Pig Bowl Assn., Sacramento
Riverside Co. S.D., Sheriff Cois Byrd
Deputy Scott Rossal, San Diego S.D.
Meagan L. & Eric J. Rossetto
Nelson P. Rutledge
Sacramento Co. D.S.A.
Sacramento Co. Sheriffs' Reserve Forces
Sacramento Co. Sheriffs' Retirees
Sacramento P.D., Deputy Chiefs' and Captains' Assn.
Sacramento P.O.A.
Sacramento Police Officer's Widows & Orphans Aid Assn.
San Bernardino Co. S.D., Sheriff Floyd Tidwell
San Bernardino Co. S.E.A.
San Bruno P.O.A. & City of San Bruno
San Diego Co. S.D., Sheriff John F. Duffy
San Diego Crime Commission
San Diego P.O.A.
San Diego Co. D.S.A.
San Francisco P.O.A.
San Gabriel P.O.A.
San Joaquin Co. D.S.A.
San Jose P.O.A.
San Mateo Co. D.S.A.
Santa Ana Police Benevolent Assn.
Santa Clara Co. D.S.A.
Tom Sefton
The Todd Sherick Family
Craig & Marissa Walker
Steven H. Craig, PORAC President 1995-1999
LALEY, Los Angeles P.D., In honor of our fallen comrades
Aaron Read & Associates
Santa Ana P.D., Chief Paul Walters
Don Blankenship, President, Santa Ana P.O.A.
Lt. John Kane
Det. Sharon L. McClatchy
National Latino P.O.A., CA Chapter
Governor Pete Wilson, 1991-1999
Attorney General Dan Lungren, 1991-1999
G. Pauline Graham, Memorial Coordinator, C.P.O.M.F.
Bud Aswad, Deputy Logistics Officer, C.P.O.M.F.
Alhambra P.O.A., Honoring our fallen peace officer heroes
San Francisco D.S.A.
Western States Auto Theft Investigators, No. Chapter
Memorial to Frank & Maureen Benz
San Diego Co. Reserve Commanders Assn.
Community of Tracy Members of the Tracy P.D.
John & Margery Thompson, Special Agent D.O.J. (ret.)
Adam J. Christin, C.H.P.
Lee Christin
Sierra Conservation Center
Signal Hill P.O.A.
Simi Valley P.O.A.
Southern California Edison Co.
So. California Gas Co. Security Dept.
So. Pacific Transportation Co. P.D.
State Park P.O.A. of CA
Arthur R. Stoyanoff family - In memory of Arthur R. Stoyanoff, L.A.S.D.
Eileen & Fred E. Stemrich, Asst. Sheriff, L.A.S.D. (ret.)
Sunnyvale Public Safety Officers Assn.
Thrifty Corporation
Times-Mirror Co.
University of California P.D.
Vallejo P.O.A. & City of Vallejo
Valverde Construction Co., Inc.
Ventura Co. D.S.A.
Joseph Wambaugh
West Covina P.O.A.
West Sacramento P.O.A.
Kathryn White, In memory of Roland White
Ruth & Jim White, Commander, L.A.S.D. (ret.)
Whittier P.O.A.
Woodland Professional P.E.A.
Stockton Police Officers' Benefit Assn.
Tulare Co. D.S.A.
Beverly Riesau
Todd M. Riesau
"Forever in Our Hearts," L.A.P.D. Family Support Group
Bill Lewis Partners Los Altos
CA Check Investigators Assn.
Terry Stamler Herst
Dave & Lori Stengel, Yorkshire Uniforms
The Assn. of Orange Co. Deputy Sheriffs
Ukiah P.O.A.
Deputy Sheriffs' Assn. & Citizens of Yolo Co.
Redondo Beach P.O.A.
Mono Co. S.D., Sheriff Martin Strelneck
Huntington Park P.D.
The Assn. of Motor Vehicle Investigators of CA
Chief Hal Barker & The Folsom P.D.
Donald E. & Kathryn Nielsen, L.A.S.D.
Rodney J. Blonien
Assemblyman Curtis R. Tucker, Jr.
Sgt. J.P. Harris, L.A.S.D.
Barton L. Bartel, L.A.S.D. (ret.)
Sonoma Co. Sheriffs' Office Employees Assn.
Central Sierra Police Chiefs Assn.
Earl F. Eldh
James & Eunice Wheatley, L.A.S.D. (ret.)
Kenneth T. Norris, Jr.
Menlo Park P.D.
El Cajon P.O.A.
Sheriff Alfred Noren, Santa Cruz Co. S.D.
Santa Rosa P.O.A.
Marin Co. D.S.A.
Orange Co. Police Canine Assn.
Los Angeles Unified School District P.O.A.
Cypress Public Safety Employees Assn.
Peace Officers' Assn. of Petaluma
San Mateo P.O.A. & City of San Mateo
Chula Vista P.O.A.
La Mesa P.O.A.
Replica Watches
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Elizabeth Deffner & Family, In memory of Sgt. Richard Deffner, Sacramento S.D.
Lt. Everett & Evelyn Fischer, C.S.P.
Lazar, Freres & Co.
Youthful Offenders Parole Board, May 1988
Torrance P.O.A.
Ventura Co. P.O.A.
San Diego Co. D.A. Investigators Assn.
CA Narcotics Officers' Assn. Region III
Martin J. Mayer
Grossmont College Student Body
San Mateo Co. Police Chiefs Assn.
CA Assn. of Police Training Officers
Costa Mesa P.D.
Sgt. Richard Shockor, L.A.S.D. (ret.)
Redwood City P.O.A.
Santa Clara Police Assn.
San Bernardino Co. Marshal's Assn.
Modesto P.O.A.
In Loving Memory of Paul Sandy, Bryce & Ryan Verna
Stuart-Bradley Productions, Inc.
CA State Coroners' Assn.
Municipal Motorcycle Officers of CA
Fontana Police Benefit Assn.
Buena Park P.O.A.
Disabled P.O.A.
Chief Larry Todd and Family, Los Gatos P.D.
Robert Cefail & Associates, Inc.
Capt. Beto & Sgt. Cecelia Kienast, L.A.S.D. (ret.)
Simi Valley Reserve P.O.A.
Tom & Leslie Omar Family -
In loving memory of Joe Loniero
Alfred and Irma Gonzales, Los Angeles Co. S.D.
John Rose, Long Beach P.O.A. Board 1987-2000
Robert M. Rische, Jr., CA Department of Justice
Long Beach P.O.A.
Simi Valley P.O.A.
Culver City P.O.A.
Adam W. & Noi N. Husar
Richmond P.O.A.
Sgt. Samuel Maddux, Oakland P.D. (ret.)
Monrovia P.O.A.
Manhattan Beach P.O.A.
Santa Cruz Co. D.S.A.
Western States Auto Theft Investigators, WSATI - Northern Chapter
CA Narcotic Officers Assn. Survivors Memorial Fund
Newport Beach P.E.A. Rick & Gretchen Merrick, Chief, L.A.S.D (ret.)
Butte Co. D.S.A.
Reich, Adell, Crost & Civitan
Oakland P.O.A.
Denise & Ashley Olazar, In memory of Hugo Olazar - CHP
Sgt. II Frank Virgallito, L.A.P.D., In appreciation - Family Support Group
Rodney K. Pierini, Exec. Director, C.P.O.A.
In memory of Capt. Charles J. LaPorte, C.H.P.
California Reserve P.O.A.
In honor of C. Lynn Lowder
Compton P.O.A.
Santa Monica P.O.A.
Bradley & Peggy Davis
Lieutenant Governor Gray Davis
Irvine P.O.A.
In Loving Memory Karl D. Simons, Long Beach P.D.
Karen, Cameron, Jessica Schubert
Dottie Le Bas
John and Christine Trussler
Remembering our missing heroes
Supervisor Todd Spitzer, County of Orange
Joan Wilson, Director, California Lottery
James Michael Kelly
Sharon Lynn Kelly
Sheriff James W. Cameron, Yolo Co. - Retired
In Honor of Officer David Chetcuti 10-70 D EOW 4-25-98
C.M. Capital Corporation
Mary Ramona Barger
Copware Software for Peace Officers
Dep. Kent A. Hintergardt, Riverside S.O., 5-9-93
My daddy, my hero - Love always, Marissa
Dep. Kent A. Hintergardt, Riverside S.O., 5-9-93
My daddy, my hero - Love always, Kena
Riverside Sheriffs' Assn.
Assn. of Deputy Marshals Orange County
San Carlos POA